Oct 052009

Banpresto’s OG spinoff Endless Frontier (Mugen no Frontier for the purists) earns a sequel: Exceed, a new adventure rolling at the world of New Endless Frontier with a new batch of characters. Updated with higher resolution scans, more info on characters and prologue. Update 2: gameplay video.

  • Aledy Nahash, main character. 17 years old fighter of the Shura family. He’s been training since 12 at a country named Hakoku, and bears the nickname of “Aledy of Gouren” (can’t make out the 1st kanji), and masters 2 styles: Hateiken and Kishinken. He’s extremely dilligent, and usually train to improve his self. Voiced by Tomokazu Seki.
  • Neige Hausen, busty heroine. Princess of the Housen family, from the fairy race country Elfetil. 117 years old. At the previous battle, she gets involved into a dimensional transportation, jumping into the Hakoku. Living among the Shura’s, she finally makes her comeback to Endless Frontier. She’s stubborn and got strong will. She usually adds Do as words prefixes (exageration?). She uses a giant spear named Fay Slayer. Voiced by Nana Mizuki.
  • Rasetsu Unit Arkwon: Legendary Rasetsu Unit that was enclosured at the Tower of Shura (unclear kanji). A Rasetsu Unit is a robot that moves on its own by using Raki, following its master at the battlefield. However, Arkwon doesn’t have a master, and after the combination of Endless Frontier, Arkwon disappears. Aledy starts his adventure to pursues this Rasetsu Unit. A mech vaguely similar to the Shura units from Compact 3.
  • Fairy Unit Faecryed. A Fairy Unit that passes through generations at the Housen family. A Fairy Unit is a robot that can move on its own by using magical powers. Before the fairy race was transported from Endless Frontier, there was a great battle where Faecried disappeared. When the fairy race finally comes back to Endless Frontier, Faecried also reappears, however… One similar to the Faelion units from OG2.
  • The world is the one formed by several worlds altogether, from the ending of the 1st game.


At the previous battle, most of the Cross Gates were destroyed, The power unleashed from the destruction of the gates destroyed the walls of dimensions and combined all the worlds together.

Once called “Separated World”, Endless Frontier is now renewed into a single world. The different inhabitants chose to keep going, joining forces with one another to live in this new world.

However, at this combined world, there are now “a world that was never reached”, but only a few knew. And the return of the fairies, those that disappeared at the previous battle… This is Endless Frontier, the story begins with the youth that sees himself into this new world, and the return of the fairy princess.

Gameplay Video

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